Sue Martyn's Children’s Physiotherapy provides specialised paediatric physiotherapy services to children and their families in the Coffs Harbour and Clarence districts of the NSW north coast.

Services can be provided in the clinic in Coffs Harbour, Grafton or Yamba, or visits can be made to your home, or your child’s preschool or school, as is most appropriate.

Is your baby or infant…
• slow to develop the usual milestones such as sitting, crawling or walking?

Are you concerned that your child…
• Is slow to develop motor milestones?
• Is clumsy, falls over often, or seems un-coordinated?
• Has trouble keeping up with friends?
• Has poor posture, or rolling feet and ankles?

Does your child…
• Have a condition, such as cerebral palsy or other neurological disorder, muscular dystrophy, or a chromosomal syndrome that affects their ability to move and develop typically?

What is physiotherapy for children?

Physiotherapists work closely with parents and carers, to identify and assess disorders of movement, from earliest infancy.

Individual treatment sessions aim to stimulate the development of motor skills and support parents in the physical handling of their child.

Sessions are play-based and fun for the child, yet targeted to assist the difficulties identified.


How to Refer?

Referrals from parents and carers can be made directly by contacting  0400 376 360 or by email enquiry to

A doctor’s referral is not necessary, but any information from your GP or medical specialist is welcome.

Referrals can also be made through doctors, teachers, allied health professionals and other agencies, with the permission of the parent/carer.