Sue Martyn (B. Applied Science in Physiotherapy, Syd) is a physiotherapist with over 25 years experience working with children and their families on the NSW north coast.
Sue holds current registration with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia, and as such is committed to professional development and clinical training on an on-going basis.




Weight-bearing and Weight-shift activities
Engagement and social play






"The ability of a child to move and explore their environment is integral to their learning on all sorts of levels. It is a great pleasure and privilege to share this time with parents"

Sue has a particular interest in the development of movement from infancy.

A commitment to overseas aid and development has also taken Sue to Zimbabwe (1994-97), the Solomon Islands (1999) and Fiji (2006), to work with local health and disability organisations.

In 2012 Sue was honoured with a nomination for Australian of The Year, for her work with children and families in the Coffs Harbour area, and was also a nominee for the Coffs Harbour Citizen of the Year.


Specialising in cerebral palsy


caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

" Sue's personal qualities and dedication to the developmental needs of children go above and beyond her professional duties as a physiotherapist, and have had a positive long-term impact on many children and their families."     

Brenda, mother of F, 4 yrs

" She is priceless to any family who is lucky enough to have her as their physio, as any of them would tell you. We would not be here today if we didn't have Sue in our lives."     

Jessica, mother of D, 5 yrs
" Sue has been the central professional support person to our family from the beginning of our 'cerebral palsy journey'. She has provided us with information, therapy, support to apply for funding, help with making our own equipment, and prompted us to explore new directions and opportunities. 
She has listened to our concerns, experiences and feelings."     
Jennie, mother of M, 8 yrs